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16. 6. 2022

At the 31st SOF (Slovenian Advertising Festival), Herman & Partners brought home a total of nine awards and placed fourth in the Agency of the Year category.

The SOF jury was most impressed by the projects Herman prepared in collaboration with clients Ljubljanska Mlekarna and Mercator, which won Advertiser of the Year. All in all, Herman won three gold and six silver awards, plus a fourth place in the Agency of the Year category.

5 Artists + 1 herd of cows + GPS trackers = the award-winning Mumetnost (MU Art) campaign 

To present yoghurt to the public as art, we called upon its original creators—cows Šipka, Siva, Bora, Droha and Liska, in case you were wondering—from the Na Kalu farm in Idrijska Krnica, Slovenia. 

While grazing, these cows were equipped with GPS trackers. The maps of their meanderings were given to five artists for inspiration: Vida Igličar, Nenad Cizl, Alja Horvat, Mitja Ficko and Natan Esku. They created artworks that were exhibited in the center of Ljubljana and were used in this unusual campaign that linked the economy, agriculture, art and the public.

The SOF jury presented Mumetnost with five awards. It won gold in the categories of Innovative Solutions, Integrated Campaigns and Brand Management (Creative Data Use). And silver in the categories of Digital Campaigns and Brand Management (Brand Experience).

Miha Bevc, Creative Director and Partner at Herman & Partners, designer of the campaign, says that Mumetnost offers a unique communication project that managed to tell the story of yoghurt in a fresh, innovative and comprehensive manner—from pasture to supermarket shelf. This made it stand out in an otherwise traditional dairy industry.

“The project gives dairy cows the lead role,” said Bevc, one of the most awarded Creative Directors at this year’s festival. “Their grazing paths were then interpreted by artists in unique creations, which became art for consumers and the public. Mumetnost is a project at the crossroads of the rural and the urban, of culture and economy. We are glad that its integrity and ingenuity, and the efforts of all the team members who worked on it, were lauded by the jury of the 31st SOF.”

Bevc, together with the Director of Digital Communications at Herman, Nina Tanhofer, once again found himself summoned as a jury member at this year’s festival.

Cooking is everything. During the recent election, spray painting graffiti on posters of politicians became something of a national sport. With this in mind, during the election, Herman designed a campaign for Mercator that promotes the joy of cooking for children, by promoting the TV series Mali Šef (Little Chef). The jumbo posters called for voters to choose the best young chef, through a series of “election” posters designed to be graphitized—funny slogans about food were spray-painted onto them. These posters impressed the SOF jury, which awarded them with two silver prizes, for Outdoor Advertising (Existing Formats) and Brand Management (Brand Response).

M Tehnika (M Technical) offers a wide selection of tools, seedlings and seeds for the self-sufficient. This year, we drew attention to it through an attractive, highly visible extra-large poster in the shape of a shovel planted in the ground, urging passers-by to see what M Tehnika has to offer. The creative concept was prepared at Herman and awarded a silver prize in the Outdoor Advertising (Existing Formats) category by the SOF jury.

A silver award for Copywriting went to the Primitivism campaign for Mladinin Proglas.

This cornucopia of awards led to the agency’s fourth-place ranking in the Agency of the Year category.

For Herman & Partners, however, these were not the first advertising awards of the year. Shortly prior to SOF, Herman received a Prizma Communication Excellence Award for having managed the transfer of ownership of Mercator. Two medals were also presented by the Croatian Chamber of Public Relations (HUOJ) for the best communication projects in the region and for excellence in digital communication.