Exciting challenges. Exciting people. And sometimes even a pet or two.

In life, I am interested in much more than just what swims on the surface.
dr. Denis Mancevič
dr. Denis Mancevič partner and CEO
I enjoy deafening rock’n’roll, the angry thundering of Formula 1 engines, and the peace and quiet of sailing.
Miha Bevc
Miha Bevc partner
Tina Cirman Popovič
Tina Cirman Popovič partner
What matters is the attitude. Everything else can be learned.
Melita Joželj Nose
Melita Joželj Nose partner
Milan Slana
Milan Slana partner
Jože Špiljak
Jože Špiljak junior partner
In the business world, I'm guided by SFP: Satisfaction for clients, Fun for co-workers, and Profit for everyone. However, there are other worlds.
dr. Dejan Verčič
dr. Dejan Verčič partner
Franci Zavrl
Franci Zavrl partner
I feel infinite! ❤
Diana Abdagić
Diana Abdagić social media manager
Žiga Aljaž
Žiga Aljaž art director

If you’re looking for a stimulating environment for personal growth, development of expertise, and creative expression, you’re on the right (web) site.

Mirna Berberović
Mirna Berberović copywriter
Everybody should believe in something. I believe I will have another cup of coffee.
Mitja Bergoč
Mitja Bergoč junior content creator
Tinkara Blagotinšek
Tinkara Blagotinšek reception
Ewa Bogataj
Ewa Bogataj DTP / photographer
Dušan Boldin
Dušan Boldin marketing strategist / digital strategist
I like to move pixels.
Mark Caserman
Mark Caserman junior digital designer
Ajda Cedilnik
Ajda Cedilnik account manager
Arin Čebokli
Arin Čebokli account director
A curious brainiac who gets her boost on summer evenings in the city centre, and occasionally tosses thoughts around to form a text.
Polona Čebular
Polona Čebular receptionist

But where is Herman?

Colour, form, and message are the three important components of my work. If I like a composition, it is very likely that the client will like it, too.
Gregor Čeferin
Gregor Čeferin art director
Tina Eržen
Tina Eržen junior consultant
I like to start the day with good coffee, David Bowie, my son’s laughter and a long walk with the dog. If that happens at the seaside tomorrow, even better.
Urška Furlan
Urška Furlan account manager
Aida Gadžo
Aida Gadžo creative strategist
Uroš Goričan
Uroš Goričan creative director
I am an experienced, credible, innovative team player, and a solver of complex issues and challenges.
Milan Gregorn
Milan Gregorn producer
Life is better with a smile. It's even better when you can share that smile with great co-workers every day. Hakuna Matata!
Katja Grosman
Katja Grosman account manager
Anja Gruntar
Anja Gruntar junior copywriter
Nika Habič
Nika Habič financial services
Nina Huremovič
Nina Huremovič account director

Communication excellence starts with excellent creative people. And excellent coffee.

The only way to do your work extraordinarily is to love what you do.
Marika Jevnišek
Marika Jevnišek office manager
Maruša Jug
Maruša Jug social media manager
Uršula Jušič Piber
Uršula Jušič Piber receptionist
Amadeja Kavšek
Amadeja Kavšek consultant
Maj Kelenc
Maj Kelenc copywriter
Ana Lalović
Ana Lalović financial services
Matej Kodrič
Matej Kodrič creative director
Designer, DJ, Digital marketing specialist and, most of all, your friend. I love vanilla milk.
Matic Kosem
Matic Kosem junior creative
Professionalism and kindness. Curiosity and understanding.
Milica Kotur
Milica Kotur consultant
Veronika Lavrenčič
Veronika Lavrenčič junior consultant

Could you see yourself in our midst? Click here and convince us.

Jernej Lipar
Jernej Lipar account director
Maka Lippai Senekovič
Maka Lippai Senekovič assistant director of digilogue creativity
Success means you love yourself. That you enjoy what you do and that you like the way you do it.
Nika Miklič
Nika Miklič financial services
Anja Mitrovič
Anja Mitrovič junior account assistant
Marjana Mitrović
Marjana Mitrović deputy director for general affairs
Bor Mozetič
Bor Mozetič project assistant
Klemen Mramor
Klemen Mramor producer
Rad na vodi. Rajši pod vodo. Oče. Bivši športnik. Quasi-umetnik. Ljubitelj športov z neokroglo žogo.
Matt Penko
Matt Penko art director
Glorija Petek
Glorija Petek account director
Luka Petermanec
Luka Petermanec project manager
Katja Petrin Dornik
Katja Petrin Dornik creative director
Tamara Pevec Barborič
Tamara Pevec Barborič consultant
Tjaša Podojstršek
Tjaša Podojstršek copywriter
With my eyes wide open, I observe the world and accept the opportunities it offers me.
Gaja Prinčič
Gaja Prinčič assistant
I first and foremost enjoy exploring new global trends, and collecting stamps in my passport.
Sara Ravšelj
Sara Ravšelj junior digital strategist
Lara Slekovec
Lara Slekovec receptionist
Working in the finance department requires a great deal of creativity and patience.
Tamara Spasojević
Tamara Spasojević deputy director for finance and accounting
Eva Stopar
Eva Stopar copywriter
Mili Šprajc
Mili Šprajc digital content creator
Uroš Štanc
Uroš Štanc consultant
I ride a bike to the city center. 😉 I believe in e-mobility, I love Sardinia, free weekends, coffee, croissants, craft beer and crime novels.
Brigita Švigelj
Brigita Švigelj director of digital projects
Nina Tanhofer
Nina Tanhofer head of digital
Urška Vavpetič
Urška Vavpetič video editor
Timeja Verk
Timeja Verk receptionist
I enjoy working in connected teams, where problems are resolved peacefully, and projects end with a smile.
Andreja Veršič
Andreja Veršič account director
Kadar ne kuham, pospravljam. Fanica slovenske tradicionalne kuhinje. Vedno zmaga morje. Guilty pleasure: majoneza, Netflix in Justin Timberlake.
Neža Zupančič
Neža Zupančič production manager


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