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18. 11. 2021

Dr. Dejan Verčič, partner at Herman, spoke about crisis communication at a meeting of the Slovenian Network for the Promotion of Health at Work.

The Covid-19 pandemic has strongly marked our lives and created a new reality for us all. In doing so, it has had a significant impact on the labor market, as so many companies were forced to implement drastic changes. What were these changes and how will it affect work environments and staff in the future?

After a one-year hiatus, the Clinical Institute for Occupational, Traffic and Sports Medicine at the University Medical Center in Ljubljana once more organized a meeting of the Slovenian Network for the Promotion of Occupational Health. There, experts presented their thoughts on the changes brought about by the pandemic. Among the experts was Dr. Dejan Verčič, who gave a lecture entitled “Attention and Respect as Leverage for Successful Crisis Communication: Covid-19 and Beyond.”

Dr. Verčič emphasised that the key elements are attention, respect, support and trust. Without these elements, managers cannot successfully lead their organisations in crises. It is crucial that these elements are all firmly in place at work before any crisis begins. Organisations should systematically work on their “social capital” and invest in communication tools.

We invite you to watch Dr. Verčič’s lecture by clicking here.

He also participated in a discussion which can be viewed here.