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16. 5. 2023

The book "Communication Excellence: How to Develop, Manage and Lead Exceptional Communications" has been co-published by the University of Ljubljana Faculty of Social Sciences and the Public Relations Society of Slovenia (PRSS). Herman's partner, Dr Dejan Verčič, is one of the book's authors.

"Communication Excellence" results from a ten-year collaboration between Prof. Dr Ralph Tench, Prof. Dr Dejan Verčič, Prof. Dr Ansgar Zerfass, Prof. Dr Angela Moreno and Associate Prof. Dr Piet Verhoeven. The authors have brought together the results of their research on public relations and strategic communication in Europe.

Initially published in English, the book quickly gained a Chinese version. It was translated into Croatian earlier this year and is now available in Slovenian. A Spanish version is expected in June.

"Communication Excellence" provides readers with clear guidelines on the differences between ordinary and excellent communication departments. The book reveals how communication can effectively influence, support and positively fit an organisation's business strategy in today's globalised and dynamic business environment.

Take advantage of the special offer and get your copy of Slovene copy of "Communication Excellence" 20% cheaper until 1 July. The book is available to order online here, and you will receive a 20% discount when you use the code PRSS23.

Take advantage of this opportunity to broaden your knowledge of strategic communication with a comprehensive and relevant study conducted by leading experts in the field.