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21. 4. 2021

The most prestigious award offered by the Croatian Public Relations Association (HUOJ) was bestowed upon Dejan Verčič of Herman & Partners. 

This award is decided upon by an international jury of experts and specialists in PR and marketing, and honors excellence in innovation, research and presentation in the sphere of public relations. This extends to crisis management, the most critical test in the field, where mutual understanding and relationships between institutions and the public are at risk. “Our current era highlights the importance of honest and successful communication which, these days, can even save lives, during a pandemic,” Verčič said after receiving the award. “I am pleased that I chose public relations as my career many years back, and I am proud that my fellow practitioners, both at home and abroad, recognized my work.” Verčič is co-founder of the International Symposium on Public Relations Research at Bledcom, a professor at the Faculty of Social Sciences and a partner in the business consulting and communication firm, Herman & Partners.