Strategic Communication
Preberi 1 min
16. 9. 2021

At this year’s virtual conference of SIQ partners, partner at Herman, Dr. Dejan Verčič discussed how the internet has changed the way we communicate.

We live in a digital age that has been accelerated due to the current Coronavirus conditions. At the 16 September 2021 conference that brought together partners of the Slovenian Institute for Quality and Metrology (SIQ), Dr. Dejan Verčič spoke on this subject, which is one of his areas of expertise.

In his lecture, entitled “The Internet Changed Everything”, Verčič spoke of the importance of the internet for the democratisation of knowledge and the dissemination of information.

Just as the invention of moveable type democratised Christianity and enabled the rise of Protestantism, the internet has democratised knowledge: both facts and half-truths. We live in a time and space in which all authorities can be questioned and must demonstrate their legitimacy, over and over again. In a world like this, communication is both a one-way and two-way street, enabling conversations and the (co)creation of meanings. It can be a standalone (communicative) resource for brands and media with their associated audiences or platforms with their set reach and followers, but also an intangible asset in the form of social capital, like trust, image and reputation.