Strategic Communication
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10. 5. 2021

Dr. Verčič was a virtual guest at an international conference on disaster prevention and mitigation.

Dr. Dejan Verčič, Partner and Director of Development at the Business Consulting and Communication Company, Herman & Partners, and a Professor at FDV, was a virtual guest in Beijing at a major international conference on disaster prevention and mitigation, organized by Renmin University and the Chinese Society for Public Relations (CPRA).

The conference was attended by top Chinese officials from the Political Consultative Conference of the People’s Republic of China, the Ministry of Emergency Management, the Earthquake Administration, the State Health Commission, the Ministry of Transport, various offices and communication departments, deans and professors of major Chinese universities and selected invited foreign guests.

Dr. Verčič delivered a paper entitled “Communication Saves Lives,” in which he summarized the experience of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic and pointed out the lack of preparation for the upcoming global crises brought on by global warming and climate change, from weather disasters to lack of drinking water, from demographic imbalances to migration.