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12. 2. 2022

Herman director, Denis Mancevič, spoke with Marja Milič about megatrends and the consumer of the future on the financial podcast, Money-How.

Herman’s director and partner, Denis Mancevič, appeared on the financial podcast, Money-How, with Marja Milič.

It’s important for long-term investors to jump on intriguing investment opportunities early on. With this in mind, the speakers in this episode touched on a variety of topics relevant to megatrends and future consumers.

Dr. Mancevič concluded by saying that it’s easier and more efficient to become a megatrend “if you know how to adapt communication messages to the target audience with the appropriate terminology.” He sees the key to success in social networks which allow for greater flexibility in addressing target groups.

With this method, younger audiences will be more willing to trust and identify with the brand. “TikTok does this very well,” he continues. For advertisers, however, he says that they remain reserved about dealing with this platform.

TikTok does this very well.”

Dr. Denis Mancevič

In the almost 90-minute-long episode, the speakers touched on a wide variety of topics, from digital dialogues to formal education, from the current Ukrainian crisis to gamification, from modern investment vocabulary to cybercrime, from robotics to space exploits. You can listen to the full episode here.