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11. 5. 2021

When an advertiser and a PR specialist walk into a bar together, two excellent communicators emerge.

“When an advertiser and a publicist join forces, we speak of a shift to outstanding performance,” says Miha Bevc, Creative Director and Partner in the business consulting and communication firm, Herman & Partners. The slogan of this year’s SKOJ, the 23rd annual event, is PRemik za PRihodnost (a good pun in Slovenian, which translates as PR shift for the PR future). 

We are on our way to a multi-log world, rapidly intertwining different areas of expertise, ideas and interests. This is how we move forward, out of our comfort zones and into the unknown. Into the universe of great stories, for today and tomorrow. For a future with constant learning, development and breakthroughs. We at Herman strongly support the exchange of knowledge, insight and different ways of working.

“In the future, we will involve different profiles ever more intensively in our projects,” Bevc continues. “We will intertwine ideas, join forces and create unforgettable content. Together as communicators.”

At Herman, we are happy to help share good practices and are proud sponsors of SKOJ. Thank you to the exceptional team from the SKOJ program committee for two bright days of opinions, insights and instructive stories.

SKOJ or Slovenian Public Relations Conference is the oldest continuous professional conference of the National Public Relations Association in the region.