Strategic Communication
Preberi 1 min
2. 6. 2021

Being a student isn’t easy. This is especially the case when you’ve got a very important message you’d like to share with as many people as possible. That’s when your communication skills are put to the test.

This was the challenge faced by the Association of Pharmaceutical Students of Slovenia, which organises numerous public campaigns, for instance on the topic of drug and alcohol interactions, or on the dangers of pneumococcal infections. Despite a reasonable level of public exposure, they sought to achieve even more, so they enlisted the aid of Herman & Partners. We organised a workshop for them on communication and social networks.

During the workshop, Herman consultant Tarama Pevec Barborič, senior consultant Jože Špiljak and digital communication consultant Tilen Erjavec explained the importance of thorough preparation of the project’s strategic foundations, which includes defining target groups, communication tools and media and key messages. We also showed them some hidden corners of social networks, including Instagram and Facebook.

Of the workshop, Secretary General Mojca Gojčič wrote, “At a time when appropriate communication and the choice of the right media are crucial to transfer information and reach a target audience, the workshop on communication run by Herman & Partners helped us dispel certain myths and look at the topic from a new perspective. The lecturers, with their experience and relaxed manner, encouraged us to engage in dialogue, through which our questions were answered about communication through social networks. The workshop was really useful for us, because it showed us how to improve and optimise communication. We believe that this newly acquired knowledge will benefit us in our projects and in life.”

In the future, we will continue to cooperate with the Association of Pharmaceutical Students of Slovenia. Until then, you can learn more about them on their profiles on Facebook and Instagram.