Preberi 1 min
15. 4. 2022

Two members of the Herman team gave a lecture to aspiring communicators about how Herman works.

On Monday, Herman team members, Tamara Pevec Barborič and Gaja Prinčič, spoke to students about their work at Herman. The students were in their first year of Communication Science studies at University of Ljubljana. The students were first acquainted with Herman’s structure and organization

Then they were shown some of Herman’s best work, including the campaigns Sliced to Your Taste, Cook Like a Beginner, Eat Like a Boss, M Neighborhood, Mu-Art and Life is Risk (LIT).

The second part of the lecture was dedicated to an in-depth presentation on the Strategic Communication Department. Students were introduced to assessment, leadership communication, public speaking training, employer branding and media relations management. 

At the end, the lecturers openly shared their experience of what it’s like to work at Herman. The students were both impressed and inspired, encouraged to follow their dreams. A few budding communications specialists asked how they could become a part of the Herman team.