Strategic Communication
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9. 11. 2021

Jože Špiljak, Herman's Senior Advisor for Strategic Communication, will give a lecture at the 12th PR Theater entitled "Difference = Deviation."

The lecture will focus on corporate communication and public relations. Jože will call upon his vast experience to Illustrate how Important good communication experts are for companies who need those who think outside the box.

"Calm prudence, no matter how tense the situation," sums up how Jože thinks differently from most others. What Is the trait that sets you apart from the competition, or connects you to them? You can find the answer to this question on November 24th. Click here for more Information and to register for the event.

Jože Špiljak began his career back In 2007 as part of the communications team of the president of Slovenia, at the time, Dr. Danilo Turk. Since then, he has worked in politics, business and for a number of communications associations. His focus Is on corporate communications and PR.

Jože highlights the differences that set a campaign far apart, far from the everyday. It's time to put black-and-white concepts of the past aside, bidding farewell to the old-fashioned framework. It's become clear that sparks are flying off the brakes and change Is ripe in the air. This Is the main topic of the 12th PR Theater, an all-day student conference on public relations organised by members of the PRSS Secondary School (the student sector of the Slovenian Public Relations Association).

We at Herman are happy to share good practices and we're proud supporters of the PR Theater. We thank the PRSS for the Invitation to participate and look forward to seeing you all on November 24th.

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