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15. 3. 2022

The project, which we designed with Mercator, took home second place on the Slovenian list of the most awarded campaigns of 2021.

Nina Tanhofer, Herman's Director of Digital Communications and the Director of Development for M Neighborhood, says that the awards are a warm recognition, a pat on the back and a welcome indicator that we are moving in the right direction. They are also an homage to the many brief nights and long workdays that went into the campaign. “The biggest award for us and the confirmation that we are doing well is that we managed to transcend the boundaries of the traditional client-agency relationship through this project,” she told Marketing magazine.

Kristina Gregorc, editor-in-chief of M Neighborhood, explained that it was developed based on an innovative view of what added value Mercator can offer its customers. “People of all ages want short, useful content that suits them at any given moment, offering solutions to save time, have fun, work more easily, or receive advice. M Neighborhood is Mercator’s medium for all this and more. Video content is directly linked to our website, as well as through physical commerce and Mercator’s entire digital ecosystem, thanks to a multi-channel approach. We are delighted that our customers and the entire M Neighborhood community have so quickly embraced and recognized it as a relevant source of content. Of course, we are also proud that the broader professional public recognized M Neighborhood and awarded it as an innovative, original concept of interactive communication with users.” She also emphasized the many talented people who are involved in the project, both from Mercator and its partner agencies. They have coalesced into a close-knit team that invests a lot into the project—as the accolades make clear.