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9. 1. 2023

Competing against 780 designers from all over the world, Herman's junior digital designer Matej Ferlič and copywriter Juš Šoltes took home one of the 4 Silver Awards conferred at the PLAKTIVAT: BLOOD DONATION competition.

The TAM-TAM Institute, in association with the Blood Transfusion Centre of Slovenia and the Slovenian Red Cross, has announced the 15th Plaktivat – a socially responsible poster competition. It aims to inspire and raise awareness about the crucial importance of blood donation as a pillar of humanity in developed societies.

"We are thrilled, especially knowing we could use a poster to encourage people to give blood," commented Matej and Juš on their excellent result.

The submitted posters can be viewed from 13 January to 2 March at the outdoor TAM-TAM poster gallery next to Figovec in Ljubljana. Besides the winning work “Kriza nekoga - kri za nekoga“ (Crisis of someone, blood for someone), a poster of Herman's younger digital designer Urban Selič, “Iz roke v roko!“ (From hand to hand) will be exhibited as well.

The Plaktivat competition is held twice per year, with designers and design groups from all over the world invited to enter a poster. Entries are evaluated by a committee consisting of internationally renowned content creators and designers.

Plaktivat Plaktivat Urban Selic