Preberi 1 min
26. 8. 2022

Herman's Creative Director, Miha Bevc, is among the jury members for KAKTUS 2022, the eighth iteration of this festival of integrated communications.

Kaktus professional awards will be handed out on November 1 and 2, 2022 in Belgrade, Serbia. Winning campaigns will be chosen for professional, individual, and comprehensive work over the last year. These campaigns must be of the highest quality in the field and demonstrate the most effective communication to target groups.

Winners will be chosen by a jury of 30 members, 15 of whom are from Serbia and the other 15 coming from neighbouring countries, to ensure a balance of viewpoints. Herman's Partner and Creative Director, Miha Bevc, will be one of the Slovenian representatives.

This year's festival, the slogan of which is “Self-Reflection,” celebrates the power of Serbian creativity and shines a spotlight on the potential shown by individuals, teams, agencies, and brands.