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17. 12. 2021

Herman’s Creative Director and partner, Miha Bevc, is among the jury members of the 31st Slovenian Advertising Festival (SOF), which will be held in Portorož on 14-15 June 2022.

This year’s festival will focus on the question of who to trust in this age of digitalisation, an era only accelerated by the pandemic. The complexity of the perception of media on the part of the public has never been more labyrinthine. Which media is the most reliable? Who creates quality content? Who is trustworthy in terms of media planning, branding and security, especially online?

More information on the 31st SOF can be found at their official website.

Miha Bevc first participated in the festival as a copywriter, back in 2004, when he received a Gold Award for his first advertisement. Since then, he has created campaigns for numerous national and international brands and is the recipient of many awards for his work. He is also a frequent member of expert juries, serving as the director of the competition program of the Golden Drum International Festival.