Preberi 1 min
11. 2. 2022

Herman's junior partner, Jože Špiljak, will lead the program committee at the 24th SKOJ (The Slovenian Conference on Public Relations). He'll be joined on the committee by Tamara Pevec Barborič, an advisor at Herman. 

SKOJ will be held on 12-13 May 2022 in Portorož. In attendance will be domestic and foreign experts, managers, psychologists, humorists and more. The goal is to get to the bottom of how to handle PR during the Coronavirus crisis. Herman's junior partner and the program committee head said, “If anything, the last two years have emphasized the importance of honesty in relationships. People expect this from brands, employers and organizations. They seek clarity, openness, and authenticity. This is the foundation on which trust, relationships and success stories are built.”

Herman advisor Tamara Pevec Barborič, sitting on such a committee for the first time, continued. “I was delighted to accept the offer to be a member of the committee. The theme of this year’s event, authenticity, is close to my heart and is reflected in the excellent energy of the team in planning the event.”