In the most chaotic year, 2020, Barcaffè celebrated its 50th birthday. Usually, such a venerable anniversary would be marked with a large chocolate cake and a lively party full of singing and dancing. But because this peculiar year was marked by the coronavirus epidemic and a ban on social gatherings, we found an alternative. With it, we pampered Barcaffè fans and organised a memorable celebration.  


Due to the circumstances, we created a radio anniversary campaign in collaboration with Radio 1 and sent gifts to listeners, entertained them with good music and prepared special surprises for those who celebrated their birthday in May, in honour of the brand’s 50th anniversary. 


  • concept design and implementation of the project in collaboration with Radio 1
  • creation of media content
  • promotion via publications in lifestyle media

Project description

The special promotion started on May 8, the day that the Barcaffè coffee brand was born, with a live concert by Nina Pušlar. This was a gift to all listeners and Barcaffè fans, and the celebration lasted throughout the month. We surprised listeners born in May every week with a packet of coffee and a special birthday song sung by Alya, Vlado Kreslin and Lea Sirk. So even when we couldn’t socialise, Barcaffè was able to celebrate in style and brighten the days of many. 

  • TEAM
  • Project manager: Arin Čebokli
  • Junior project manager: Amadeja Kavšek
  • Project partner: Radio 1

views of the virtual concert on Facebook and more than 230 comments under the post


articles in print and online media about the concert and the anniversary celebration 

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