Barcaffè announced a regional competition for a new platform that would completely revamp, comprehensively overhaul, and tangibly rejuvenate its brand. The company aims to maintain its position as market leader in Slovenia, while fostering a closer relationship with coffee drinkers in Croatia and increasing its existing market share.


Barcaffè’s gussied-up new platform calls on people to take that "first step", which is actually a breeze once it's already done. That first step namely leads to drive, inspiration, and adrenaline, so that the snowball starts rolling downhill – all the way to the goal line. Big things start with small steps. Of course, we're not just talking about big stories here, for instance, a big dream like opening your own business or finishing your medical degree... It can be super simple, a minor victory like putting together the shed in the garden that’s been in a box for years, finishing your conversational French course, or finally reading that copy of Dostoyevsky gathering dust on your bookshelf. It's about the satisfaction of starting and the contentment of finishing.


  • TV commercial
  • Radio ads
  • Print ads
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Online advertising
  • Social media
  • Barcaffè’s internal channels

It all starts with a sip of coffee

Coffee is synonymous with beginnings; most people don’t even begin their day without it. From here on out, Barcaffè is encouraging beginnings in an even broader context.

The new platform is based on the slogan "Good coffee wakes you up. The best gets you moving.", which will apply side-by-side with the slogan "For a better day", fleshing out its meaning, as it can be understood as "for a better, more fulfilled life."

A cup of coffee becomes our motivation to start moving. To get going. To finish strong. Slowly but surely; tall tales are written one cup at a time.

Barcaffè’s brand is at home in the optimism of a new day, which dictated our concept for the campaign. As such, we actively focused on the intimate optimism of each individual: what makes us truly happy at the personal level? That we make progress, that we achieve our hopes and wishes. Not only that we dream but that we reach for that dream actively and take the first decisive step toward it.

And right here is the essence of the new platform: the first step – and all the subsequent ones we need to make our dream come true. Humans, at least the majority, are creatures of procrastination – a big, fancy word to disguise our small but insidious delays in action. "Really, I’ll start tomorrow", "next month, I meant it", "in the New Tear 100%"...

Which of us doesn’t (at least occasionally) identify with these muttering of (usually sempiternal) procrastination?

  • TEAM
  • Director and project manager: Arin Čebolki
  • Art director and designer: David Fartek
  • Creative strategist: Aida Gadžo
  • Creative director and copywriter: Katja Petrin Dornik
  • Designer: Gregor Ahman
  • Photographer: Peter Giodani
  • Copywriter: Bor Klemenc Mencin
  • Director of photography: Damjan Radovanovič
  • PR: Sara Švegl
  • Director: Gregor Vesel
  • Digital content: Bold Group
  • Production: Kinomotel
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