Barcaffè's new platform encourages people to get moving – but how could we help them spark enough inspiration with just a regular notebook that the company gave its business as a token New Year's gift?


A notebook that encourages you to get moving in the New Year through its innovative design and production. If it's true that brewing coffee is an art, our notebook ensured that coffee became art. We teamed up with design students who created unique covers for the notebooks using a special technique: painting with coffee itself.


  • Notebook for business partners
  • Social networks

More about the project

Since the new platform inspires movement in life, the notebook also brings a special challenge for its recipients, as the included brush and special loose leaf challenge them to create with coffee themselves. With the funds earmarked for artistic creation, we also supported the participating students' future artistic endeavours by stocking them up with coffee – because the best stories are written cup by cup.

  • TEAM
  • Project director: Arin Čebokli
  • Project manager: Anja Mitrovič
  • Creative director and copywriter: Katja Petrin Dornik
  • Printer/production: Jolly d.o.o.
  • Art director and designer: David Fartek
  • PR: Sara Švegl
  • Digital content: Bold Group
V4 Barcaffe Notebook Prikaz2 1920x1080


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