November is dedicated to men and raising awareness about testicular cancer, a disease mainly affecting younger men aged 20 to 40. The number of testicular cancer patients is increasing - unfortunately, also in Slovenia. Men rarely check whether their "jewels" are healthy and respond very poorly to screening programmes. Around 100 new cases of testicular cancer are diagnosed in Slovenia every year, making it the country's 13th most common form of cancer.


Mercator brings together two facts. Fact #1: Although self-examination takes only 30 seconds once a month and is crucial for early disease detection - and subsequent treatment - only a few men do it. Fact #2: Before buying eggs, people always open the carton of eggs and check that all the eggs inside are whole and undamaged. #1 + #2 = eggselent idea.


  • Special egg packaging in Mercator stores
  • Online advertising
  • Social media campaign

Idea with eggs (balls)

To understand the idea better, in English, balls are often used to refer to testicles. In Slovene, the word used to refer to testicles informally is eggs.

To remind men of the importance of self-examination, we surprised them with something they did not expect while intentionally using humour, which is often important among men regarding more serious topics.

We started with a simple fact: even though it is not allowed, most shoppers open the carton of eggs - before putting it in the shopping trolley - to check if everything is OK ... or if any of the eggs are cracked or missing. But this time, we asked shoppers to check and open the carton. They were greeted by a note that told them “their eggs” also deserved close inspection and attention.

We have designed the message to appeal to men and their female partners, as women can also play an important role in the early detection of testicular cancer. The campaign was instantly hit with the general public and exceeded our expectations on social media. Some of the most prominent Slovene young men and gentlemen spontaneously responded to it and - to our delight - helped us spread its message.

The inverted heart, a visual symbol of the campaign, quickly became a symbol of Movember and the love for testicles. As part of the campaign, Mercator also donated to support Onkoman, the Slovenian Oncology Society for Men, which raises awareness among men about the importance of their role in their health.

  • TEAM
  • Creative Director: Katja Petrin Dornik
  • Art Director: Gregor Čeferin
  • Project Managers: Katja Grosman, Patricija Fržovič
  • Copywriter: Tereza Pikec, Katja Petrin Dornik
  • Designer: Ewa Bogataj
  • Digital Strategist: Tereza Pikec
  • Web Content Editor: Tereza Pikec
  • Silver SOF Award, category PROFIT SOCIAL GOOD


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