Every year, Little Chef of Slovenia announces a new season of the popular cooking show where young kids engage in a cooking competition. To generate interest in the show, we designed a series of outdoor billboards that use the characteristics of this outdoor medium and playfully address passers-by.



Each year, Mercator successfully engages local communities to vote for their favourite little chefs with their purchases - the winning team wins a prize for their school, which allocates the prize money to selected school projects. So voters need to be reminded of this ahead of the new season - with a series of political billboards. Vandalising political billboards is Slovene national sport, and we are good at it. So, we took advantage of the moment just before the elections by creating a series of billboards that only come to life when they are vandalised.


  • Outdoor advertising


We took a slightly different approach to announcing the fifth season of Little Chef of Slovenia. We created a series of interactive billboards, including a billboard with a large cooking pot with a giant wooden spoon that is billowing smoke and inviting people to cook on Sunday.

Then there's the "peeled billboard", which promises we're in for a show at precisely 18.00. This billboard is a play of Slovene words where "na tanko "means "sliced on thin pieces "and "natanko "means "precisely at".

The third creative solution is a "shredded billboard", which wonders who will win and who will get" shredded" (a Slovene play of words that means who will lose it). 

Art Director Matt Penko said that for young children, "all the cooking tools are big, so of course we had to make them bigger”.

  • TEAM 2023
  • Client Representative: Andreja Zadnik Andoljšek
  • Client Diirector: Alja Petrović
  • Creative Director: Miha Bevc
  • Copywriters: Maj Kelenc in Juš Šoltes
  • Project Manager: Katja Grosman
  • Art Director: Matt Penko
  • Production: Tomaž Žontar (Europlakat) in Dalto
  • Photography: Klemen Mramor in Europlakat

  • TEAM 2022
  • Client Representative: Andreja Zadnik Andoljšek
  • Creative Director: Uroš Goričan
  • Client Directors: Andreja Veršič in Brigita Švigelj
  • Project Manager: Katja Grosman
  • Art Director: Matt Penko
  • Designer and Video Editor: Mark Caserman
  • Copywriters: Miha Bevc in Maj Kelenc
  • Photographer: Ewa Bogataj

  • 5x silver prize at Slovene Advertising Festival (SOF) 2022
  • 2x shortlisted for Slovene Advertising Festival (SOF) 2023
Herman Mali Sef 1920x1080 2
Herman Mali Sef 1920x1340

We created interaction between the billboard and cooking utensils to draw attention, to make the utensils stand out from the billboard and the environment."

Matt Penko, Art Director
20 %

increased involvement of children in the preparation of family meals

400 %

participating Slovenian primary schools

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