Last autumn, supermarket chain Mercator strengthened and expanded their offering of local products through the We Love Homemade (Radi imamo domače) brand. This time, priority was given to local, indigenous Slovenian plant species and animal breeds. These were combined under a single green label emblazoned with the slogan “With Tradition Since Time Immemorial” (Od nekdaj naše s tradicijo).

Our task, as always, was to prepare a comprehensive communication strategy that would present this new campaign to the public. But that wasn’t all. In addition to following the usual channels, this campaign also included an element in which Mercator would be positioned as guardians of local, traditional, indigenous Slovenian species.


“Heartfelt Commitment to Tradition” (Srčno predani tradiciji) was selected as the slogan that would weave together all aspects of the campaign, from classical channels to digital and media presence. It’s a level up from last year’s campaign for a new product line, We Love Homemade, which was based on the commitment of Slovenian farmers to their land and crops, with Mercator as a bridge to the public. We felt that we should provide a 360-degree campaign…maybe even a few degrees more!


  • Creative design
  • TV commercial
  • Radio ad
  • Setup and management of content platform
  • Advertising campaign on social networks

Heartfelt Commitment to Tradition

Our multi-layered campaign included a television commercial featuring Slovenian pop star, Jan Plestenjak, presenting the importance of our awareness of our roots. This was supplemented by posters and print ads that included archival photos of Slovenian farmers from the Museum of Modern History.

We injected some fun through presenting some indigenous plant and animal species that the public may not have been familiar with, finally giving them the stage. These included the Styrian chicken, Bovec sheep, Dolensjka voščenka apples, Darja buckwheat and, last but not least, Cika cattle.

What did they tell us? Find out in the videos.

  • TEAM
  • Copywriter: Rok Artiček
  • Artistic Director: David Fartek
  • Creative Director and Copywriter: Uroš Goričan
  • Digital Designer: Iana Kušer
  • Digital Strategist: Mark Mavretič
  • Designer: Mateja Omerzel
  • Junior Project Manager: Nina Piskar
  • Social Media Manager: Mili Šprajc
  • Director of Digital Projects: Brigita Švigelj
  • Project Director: Andreja Veršič
  • Designer: Daša Žerovnik
Mercator Rid Bb Copy

We felt that we should provide a 360-degree campaign…maybe even a few degrees more!


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