During the holiday season, Mercator sought to offer more—more than its competitors, more than the usual campaign and more than the traditional shopping experience. To this end, Mercator and its Dutch partner designed cute cardboard houses and figurines with which you could assemble a fairytale village. These were distributed to customers in nice packaging during the holidays, with more elements available for every 10 EUR spent.

Our task was to present the magic of collecting figurines, assembling and enjoying them. We fondly recall the essence of the holidays—caring for those in need around Christmas.


Anyone can create their own fairytale village, as long as they open their hearts and spirits. Sometimes it’s the simplest things that are most important. Even a small village can delight us, if only we’re willing to sweeten the experience by entering the world of make-believe. This was what we presented through the protagonist of the campaign, which reached out to both children and adults throughout Slovenia. 


  • TV commercial
  • print ad
  • radio ad
  • outdoor advertising
  • online charity campaign
  • social media campaign
  • campaign with Slovenian influencers
  • Facebook house exchange group

ACTUAL TITLE: Light Up Your Fairytale


For the Fairytale Village, we designed a TV commercial that encourage us all to create our own holiday magic by assembling these houses and figurines. With prize games and a helping hand from social media influencers, we highlighted the delight of assembling your own fairytale village. We heard that there were almost no homes in Slovenia without at least one fairytale house inside to brighten a child’s day.

But in order to help those who found themselves without a home to go to during the holidays, Mercator, on behalf of all those who participated in the virtual fairytale village on the website, donated funds to Thumbelina Shelter House, a charity that works tirelessly to help children in need, so that they are not alone through the bitter moments that life can bring.

  • TEAM
  • Designer: Ewa Bogataj
  • Creative Director: Katja Petrin Dornik
  • Artistic Director: David Fartek
  • Project Manager: Katja Grosman
  • Designer: Blaž Pintar
  • Writer: Tjaša Podojstršek
  • Digital Content Creator: Mili Šprajc
  • Director of Digital Projects at the Agency: Brigita Švigelj
  • Digital Strategist and Creative Director: Nina Tanhofer
  • Project Director: Andreja Veršič
  • Designer: Daša Žerovnik
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