Barcaffè is optimism. Barcaffè is the brand you take a break with to enjoy the moment. In a time when the coronavirus has thoroughly interfered with our lives, optimism and good news, seasoned with a cup of good coffee, are especially important. Tiny rituals make each day better. These rituals in miniature have a different aroma and give meaning to the day. Because the epidemic shook our lives and ruined our routines, the creators of Barcaffè decided to provide a better and more aromatic morning.


In May, when the coronavirus epidemic was already in full swing, we designed a good news portal, in collaboration with Adriamedia. 


  • concept design and implementation of the project
  • print advertisements and web banners
  • creation of media content
  • promotion in lifestyle media publications

Project description

In this manner, we provided a collection of positive stories to brighten the day of all coffee enthusiasts who read the news while drinking their morning coffee. At first, we filled the website with positive news stories ourselves, and then we asked followers and readers to share small moments from their lives with us. Pieces of the mosaic from the lives of many, poured out on paper, eventually came together in an incredibly fun, positive and wonderful piece of art. Everyone who shared snippets of their positive stories received Barcaffè packages for even sweeter mornings.

  • TEAM
  • Copywriter: Rok Artiček 
  • Project manager: Arin Čebokli
  • Art director: David Fartek
  • Junior project manager: Amadeja Kavšek


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