In today’s mile-a-minute lifestyle, our natural environment grows ever more foreign to us. The pandemic has alienated us even further, since we’ve been locked down in our homes, resulting in children spending time too passively, without enough movement and dynamic activity.


With this in mind, supermarket chain Mercator promoted a campaign featuring flying animal plush toys, which would encourage children to move and explore the world around them. This project appealed to children’s natural curiosity and taught them some new dance moves. Children could collect stickers, paste them into an album, and learn about nature, along with their parents. The reward was not only stickers but also the stuffed animal toys, which were dubbed The Flying Society. The stickers provided information about the importance of pollination, maintaining diversity on our planet and bird watching. In addition to the more traditional approach, the campaign also featured an online extension, including a dance school, in which children learned some simple choreography for the Flying Society dance, with the help of renowned choreographer, Miha Krušič.


  • Television, radio and print advertisements
  • Digital advertising
  • Point-of-Sale advertising
  • Outdoor advertising

Project Description

The Flying Society is part of Mercator’s loyalty program, which teaches about biodiversity through collecting stickers and increases awareness of who is responsible for helping flowers bloom, trees to bear fruit, plants to grow and feeding us humans. In addition, the campaign stimulates the curiosity in the young and old, illuminating the journey from home into nature to discover some small, seemingly inconspicuous creatures that are responsible for the flourishing of our whole world.


  • TEAM
  • Artistic Director: David Fartek
  • Text: Maj Kelenc
  • Creative Director and Text: Matej Kodrič
  • Designer: Iana Kušer
  • Designer: Mateja Omerzel
  • Junior Project Manager: Nina Piskar
  • Digital Strategist: Mili Šprajc
  • Digital Project Director: Nina Tanhofer
  • Project Director: Andreja Veršič
  • Music: Davor Herceg
  • Production House: Dreamdust
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We are here to make it bloom, to make everything grow and green.”

The Flying Company


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