With the Coronavirus, a new reality has emerged for many brands that poses a challenge as to how best to connect with its customers, when physical proximity is on pause, outreach is needed into the private sphere of clients and everyday activities shift to digital platforms.

The key challenge for the post-Covid period is how to create an ideal mix of digital content that lives on existing digital channels and is accessible on various devices while remaining strategically linked to the business model of Mercator, Slovenia’s leading supermarket chain.


At the start of 2021, Mercator’s new, free online content platform, M Soseka (M Neighborhood), was launched. Its goal was to combine entertainment with educational video content, all of which was distributed via Mercator’s social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok) while also available on the website,

This was followed by integrating Mercator’s online store with this digital content, thus giving birth to a new platform for content marketing, moving a step ahead of the competition. The mixture of digital content thus supports Mercator’s business model and innovative distribution strategy.

Mercator’s suppliers swiftly recognised M Soseska as a new platform capable of promoting their products and brands. They welcomed it with open arms.

Unique, free video content was created exclusively for the platform, which functions like an on-demand streaming service, catering to those interested in cooking, entertainment, creativity, sport and culture.


  • strategic and content design of the platform
  • editorial policy and design of the program scheme
  • website design
  • ideas and scripts for individual content and broadcast packages
  • video content production
  • distribution of content via social media and the website
  • project management
  • advertising campaigns

This is where video content lives with you

You could call it the Slovenian Netflix or Mercator’s HBO Go, but that doesn’t quite match what is on offer. M Soseska is something entirely unique. This is a space where top chefs cook with us, where we have personal trainers “on call,” where we share parenting advice and experience first-hand all the content needed in our lives, as well as a lifetime of quality content.

M Soseska is a platform that transcends classic content marketing models, unique in the sense of combining them. Content is created with a strong sense of where the target audience will both find it and use it. In this way, it satisfies the ravenous algorithms of digital platforms, including content from all the different social networks on which it is published, while using as a hub. Thus we ensure that the content does not disappear in a sea of white noise on social media, but is available to users indefinitely.

The website kicks up the user’s experience another notch thanks to its interactive elements, enabling the “third dimension” of online experience (interactive surveys, sweepstakes, rich video content) then taking users back to social networks in a path designed to provide feedback loops. Interactive components transport the user directly to Mercator’s online store (“one click to the cart”). We have defined two other important points, as well: the involvement of content in the Moj M (My M) app and intertwining M Soseska’s personalised content experience with various customers who use the Pika loyalty scheme (earning points through purchases). In addition to accessing loyalty programs, users can also access exclusive content.

All the content is original, the fruit of our ideas in consultation with our clients. We invited exceptional creators to participate. Our first “neighbours” included Michelin-starred chef Jorg Zupan, influencers Antea and Uroš Bitenc, journalist Vesna Milek, Kamala, personal trainers Andrei Lenart and Sara Tatalović, and many others.

M Soseska is not only Slovenian but includes content of wider interest to the region. This was first emphasized in the show “Red and Black with Vesna Milek,” in an episode in which she hosted Senidah and Cazzafura (from neighbouring ex-Yugoslav countries), which was extremely successful and hit an enviable rating outside of Slovenia, as well as within. Another example is the first regional talent show on TikTok, MTikTok Dance Academy. We hope that more broadcasts will include neighbouring countries.

Mercator about M Soseska

“M Soseska is a new, innovative way of addressing consumers. During the pandemic, it was clear that continued contact with customers is extremely important, not in in the physical supermarkets, but also through content on all digital channels. M Soseska goes a step further in relation to customers, as we offer them interesting, informative, educational, fun content. It’s about upgrading and further developing content marketing,” Kristina Gregorc, Director of Digital Communication, Development and Online Sales and Editor-in-Chief of M Soseska.

“M Soseska is becoming an important pillar of the digitalization strategy and activities that we set up ourselves, years ago,” Viktorija Radojevic Mavrič, Executive Director of Marketing and Development at the Mercator Group

Herman about M Soseska 

The M Soseska platform is truly different from any other. Every time someone brings their idea to light, I see enlightenment: it’s so simple but so meaningful that it’s odd that no one else thought of it before,” Nina Tanhofer, Director of Digital Development

M Soseska could not have been created without a clearly communicated vision on the part of the client and without absolute trust to hand the reigns over to our agency. This is not standard by any means. It’s no ordinary communication project that operates as a simple transaction between agency and client, but rather a project that requires a strong mixture of knowledge and top staff on both sides,” Milan Slana, Partner at Herman and Project Director

  • TEAM
  • Copywriter: Rok Artiček
  • Copywriter: Mirna Berberović
  • Project Leader: Anja Čelik
  • Artistic Director: David Fartek
  • Creative Director: Uroš Goričan
  • Project Leader: Nina Huremović
  • Web Content Editor: Maruša Jug
  • Junior Designer: Iana Kušer
  • Strategist and Project Leader: Mark Mavretič
  • Design Implementation: Mateja Omerzel 
  • Designer: Blaž Pintar
  • Junior Designer: Ana Pišot
  • Copywriter: Tjaša Podojstršek
  • Media Strategist: Andrej Reljič
  • Project Director: Milan Slana
  • Strategist and Creative Director: Nina Tanhofer
  • Designer: Daša Žirovnik

  • SOF Awards
  • 1 gold award in the category of Digital Communications
  • 3 silver awards in the categories of Digital Communications, Brand Management and Tagged Content

  • Websi Awards
  • 3 gold awards in the categories of Innovative Creators of the Future, Media and Content Marketing
  • 1 silver award in the category of Websites

Your favourite place for content.


content views between February and August 2021


impressions of M Soseska content on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube between February and August 2021


engaged Facebook users between February and August 2021


hours of YouTube content watched between February and August 2021

572.8 %

increased engagement on Facebook in the first month

96.5 %

increase in impressions on Facebook in the first month

70 %

increased reach on Facebook in the first month

274 %

increased engagement on Instagram in the first month

122 %

increase in impressions on Instagram in the first month

99 %

increased each on Instagram in the first month

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