Navigating the media space can pose a huge strategic challenge for companies angling for a position within a market or select public as they try to reach key target groups and cultivate a positive reputation. Companies must direct the right message to the right people, of course, at the right time and in the right way.


Our relationship with the media and with our clients is always strategic and premeditated. The most important consideration is the ultimate goal of media relations, including what our objective is, who our target audience is, whom do we address, and what channels do we employ to get there. Strategic management, building and strengthening media relations – with editors, journalists, podcasters, radio and television hosts, and others – can have an important effect on a company’s image and how they handle crisis situations. 


  • Corporate communication strategy primarily focused on external relations
  • Definition of key messages and objectives
  • Identification of key media, journalists, and editors
  • Production of a communication infrastructure
  • Communication protocol
  • Composition of proactive and reactive press releases
  • Proactive communication with editors and journalists
  • Logistics for press conferences and other events

Media Relations

The first step is to analyze previous media reporting, to understand the amount and the manner of media appearances. We want to know whether a company is constantly in the media and what the tone of writing is in such articles. Is the company just mentioned in passing? Or are there in-depth interviews? Who from the company is mentioned?

Up next is strategy design, followed by implementation through media channels. We help companies directly reach their audiences and key target groups, ultimately helping to position them and achieve the reputation they desire. We communicate with journalists and editors both directly and indirectly, ensuring that our answers are up-to-date and fact-checked.

“When the time comes to unveil a new product or service or announce an award, or something else, it will be much easier to attract the attention of a journalist that we already have a relationship with. And, after all, if a journalist is looking for examples of best practices, they surely won’t contact a company that doesn’t want to answer media requests. That’s how we can make the media our ally, as good relations with journalists and editors are extremely important.” – Tamara Pevec Barborič, consultant at Herman and Partners SK

Our clients: Atlantic Droga Kolinska, Huawei Slovenija, Panvita, Biogen and others.

Good relations with journalists and editors are extremely important.“

Tamara Pevec Barborič, consultant at Herman and Partners SK


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