Mercator is the largest employer and leading retailer in Slovenia and, more broadly, in the Adriatic region. In order to advance business growth and development, it was necessary to transfer the ownership of shares in Mercator to a newly established holding company called Fortenova, a process which also included a restructuring of long-term financial commitments. Mercator operates in five different markets, so relationship management and corporate communication with key stakeholders and decision-makers is of the utmost strategic importance.


After the transfer of ownership, an online regional press conference was held using the format of a television show. The media and key stakeholders received exclusive access to both view and participate in this press conference which brought together Mercator and their suppliers from throughout the region, to offer insight into the further development of this already leading brand.


  • conceptual and content design of the corporate event
  • development of key messages
  • recommendations for communication with key stakeholders and decision makers
  • development of the overall image of the regional online press conference
  • planning, organisation, implementation and control of the corporate event
  • video production and distribution
  • media relations

Project Description

The premium digital platform, Confiva, handled both viewing and participation in the press conference. Viewers could watch the business conversation among top managers of Fortenova and Mercator, in four languages, while journalists had the chance to ask questions in real time. This online press conference was actively followed by more than 100 journalists from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro. This was held at the suggestion of publicly-traded companies, taking into account all the relevant legislation, domestic and foreign business practices, and recommendations given to and offered by other member states of the European Union.

Mercator needed a communications solution that would function in real time with media from all the markets in which it operates. The concept was born of a digital format television show to which journalists could contribute live, from three countries, built around a studio conversation between the managers of Fortenova and Mercator. Sixty minutes of quality, original content was viewable on the digital platform, Confiva, through which viewers could choose their preferred language, among Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian and English, covering the bases for the entire Adriatic region.

This type of conceptual and content design, rethinking what a press conference can be and using technology integrally, represents the zenith of contemporary corporate communication.

  • TEAM
  • Client director: Franci Zavrl
  • Advisor: Uroš Štanc

Fortenova je v pravem multimedijskem šovu napovedala drugačno, za Mercator svetlejšo prihodnost.

Pop TV

journalists from Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro attended the conference

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