Telekom Slovenije enjoys the status of a leading, reliable and secure telecommunications operator in the Slovenian market. However, users increasingly choose telecommunications providers based on price, putting quality on the back burner. With its new campaign, Telekom Slovenije aims to shatter the myth of being the most expensive operator because, as the recipient of two Best Buy awards, it has a proven track record of offering customers the best value for money.


First, we revamp the slogan, which deliberately resonates as "always the best", thus confidently positioning Telekom Slovenije as Slovenia's leading and most advanced provider of state-of-the-art ICT services and solutions. It tells customers they don't have to compromise with Telekom Slovenije because they get the best value for their money. Telekom Slovenije also gets a new face - Sebastian Cavazza, a renowned Slovenian theatre, film and television actor who is acknowledged by many to be the best in his field. Therefore, he creates a convincing metaphor for someone who does not compromise in life and only wants and demands the best for himself.


  • Series of TV ad 
  • Radio commercials
  • Print ads
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Online advertising
  • Social media campaign

Connection, security and reliability without compromises

The campaign is launched through a series of TV commercials that play out different scenarios where people do not accept compromises, all united by a surprising, metaphorical twist - the viewer initially gets the impression that the protagonist, for example, is watching an ad for a high-end, technologically sophisticated car. Later it becomes clear that it was actually an ad for Telekom Slovenije from the beginning.

Sebastian Cavazza uncompromisingly takes over the streets, and the messages of the campaign are extended into the radio ether, where the unlimited radio ad stands out in particular when Sebastian's son Vazz - a user of the NAJ package, which allows him unlimited communication - leaves a bunch of messages on the secretary's desk during rehearsals and takes over the ad block.

The campaign entertains the digital space with preroll ads but also surprises with AI video technology when it introduces a synthetic Sebastian - Sebatar - who is tasked with helping his human original spread Telekom Slovenije's messages and offer in the digital environment. 

The campaign achieved an incredible response in the first few weeks, as demonstrated by the results of its launch; a 42% increase in weekly deposits in the segment of new fixed users, a 25% increase in the segment of new mobile users and an 11% increase in mobile phone sales. People hear our message and - uncompromisingly - embrace it.

  •  TEAM
  • Creative directors: Katja Petrin Dornik, Miha Bevc
  • Art director: Miha Grobler
  • Startegist: Aida Gadžo
  • Client director: Milan Slana, Arin Čebokli
  • Project director: Tjaša Penko
  • Copywriters: Katja Petrin Dornik, Sebastian Cavazza, Miha Bevc, Aida Gadžo, Maj Kelenc, Eva Stopar
  • Designers: Matej Ferlič, Ned Cocej Minatti
  • Digital strategist: Eva Križaj
  • Digital project manager: Patricija Fržović
  • Social media manager: Tereza Pikec
  • Production house: Super 16
  • Director: Jure Matjažič
  • Photographer: Peter Giodani
42 %

increase in weekly deposits in the segment of new fixed users

25 %

increase in the segment of new mobile users

11 %

increase in mobile phone sales

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