Over the last 30 years that Slovenia has had mobile phones, many older models are just gathering dust in drawers. You probably have one or two that have met the same fate.

As we strive to act more responsibly and look to ensure that our environment has a brighter future, it makes sense to recycle the metal used in old mobile phones to make new ones.

With this in mind: how do you make the public aware that their old phones are worth recycling?


Telekom, the Slovenian mobile provider, will plant a bee-friendly tree for every five used phones collected. This provides a home for bees and other pollinators. For each phone you bring in, Telekom will reward you with a handmade bracelet.


Project description

Telekom Slovenia, in collaboration with Treecelet, launched the Creating a Green Future campaign. Special containers for used mobile phones were set up in all Telekom stores. In return for their recycled phones, customers received a bracelet and contributed to the planting of trees in Slovenia.

We first presented this campaign with a green stand at the SOF Festival. We then created a series of online videos in which Alen Podlesnik took us on a tour of the thirty-year history of mobile technology in Slovenia. The goal was to remind us of the good old days and the wealth of raw materials that are currently sitting in our drawers, attics, garden sheds and storage boxes.

You can still participate by taking them to the nearest Telekom store and help create a green future with us.

  • TEAM
  • Creative Director: Miha Bevc
  • Digital Strategist: Dušan Boldin
  • Author: Maj Kelenc
  • Designer: Iana Kušer
  • Artistic Director: Saša Leskovar
  • Project Director: Jernej Lipar

My mobile phone can become a tree."


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