With almost 200 years of tradition, Tekstina works in an industry in which most sales come through personal contact with customers. The customer base is primarily established at industry fairs, making life a good deal more complicated, since these were cancelled due to the global pandemic. The client thus faced the challenge of establishing effective contacts without their standard approach, seeking out potential customers and touching base with existing ones.

 The primary challenge was to educate the client about the basics of marketing, which was a new field for them.


Based on research, analysis and workshops, we gained insight into successful competition practices in Tekstina’s field, and prepared a thorough document with key content and project activities for taking long-term advantage through strategic implementation of marketing.


  • preparation of a marketing strategy
  • implementation of practical and substantive workshops
  • preparation of a sample promotional video

Project Description

Based on extensive research, we prepared a comprehensive marketing strategy with an emphasis on digital marketing support. This document addresses the challenges of B2B marketing, explains the advantages of digital marketing and presents a methodology and project framework for moving forward in what amounts to a marketing transformation for a company not previously focused on marketing activities, which formerly took place on an ad hoc basis.

The purpose of the marketing strategy is to demonstrate the process of planning, developing and implementing actions that will enable the company to obtain and optimally use competitive advantages in selected markets and niches. It refers to an overall marketing plan that emphasizes digital channels and communication tools to reach out to existing and potential customers and business partners.

Based on our analysis of the company’s existing operations in sales and marketing, SWOT analysis and the analysis of digital trends online and in social networks, we presented a marketing strategy that identified the gaps in the current plan and our recommendations to bridge them. We also covered social media and other digital tools that would enable the effective presentation of products aimed at specific target groups, with defined unique selling points and a series of stories to increase sales.

  • Team
  • Client's Director: Dr. Peter Kukovica
  • Project Coordinator: Radovan Arnold
  • Project Manager: Iztok Malačič
  • Business Analyst: Žan Bokan

Pull marketing means being aware that there are users who are actively seeking products, services and information that we offer. Our goal is to make it easier for these users to find us and to achieve their ultimate goal.


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