Two new flavours joined the Ego Slim & Vital family of yoghurts, which help with fat digestion. Ego yoghurts are known for their unusual flavours, and the Ego Slim & Vital sub-brand is no different. Ego is fun and playful and so is its communication. Even when we talk about a delicate topic, we do so in a fun way. Through our communication, we want to highlight the two new flavours and the fact that caring for our bodies is important but not something to be intimidated by.

How could we make something unpleasant, such as stepping on a bathroom scale, feel fun and, at the same time, introduce the two new flavours of the product?  


The answer to our question was to approach this topic in a fun way. We designed a website that proves that life with Ego Slim & Vital yoghurts is simply lighter. It’s a life in which ‘stepping on a bathroom scale’ is given a whole new meaning. 


  • website (
  • TV ad
  • online advertising
  • activation on social media 

Project description

Visitors to our website were greeted by a virtual scale, which encouraged them to share with us their secret number – the one displayed on the bathroom scale in the morning. We surprised all who were brave enough to share with an encouraging message or a ‘light joke’ told by comedian Sašo Stare via video message. The joke was free-of-charge – to raise courage and mood. However, if they shared it with friends on social media, they became eligible for a prize contest for ‘light’ prizes, and winners were drawn each week. All in all, we can say: Ego 1, scale 0.

  • TEAM
  • Copywriter: Rok Artiček
  • Project director: Arin Čebokli
  • Creative director: Uroš Goričan
  • DTP: Milko Pečanić
  • Artistic director: Blaž Pintar
  • Digital strategist: Mili Šprajc
Lazje Ti Bo Hermanpartnerji 1920x1430
Lazje Ti Bo Hermanpartnerji 1160x600 1 Lazje Ti Bo Hermanpartnerji 1160x600 3 Lazje Ti Bo Hermanpartnerji 1160x600 2


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