During the Easter holidays, ancient traditions are revived, and families gather to enjoy each other’s company. They decorate Easter eggs, hunt for hidden treats and, in Slovenia, weave colorful straw bundles called butare. How can we creatively link the Easter celebration with Mu Cuisine dairy products?


We took the Easter Bunny for a stroll around social networks, where he hopped over Mu Cuisine products. Anyone who caught him, in addition to marveling at his agility, also took part in a draw for a Big Easter Prize. And when we say big, we mean BIG!


  • engagement on social networks
  • online advertising

Project description

The Easter Bunny was born of Herman’s colored pencils and enticed random “passers-by” (in the virtual sense) with his technicolored apron, curious eyes and long ears. Hop, hop, hop—even when out and about he was always well-groomed!

Everyone who saw him wanted to take a photo of him and enthusiastically paste their photo in the Comments section of Mu’s Facebook profile. The Easter Bunny himself selected a few lucky participants and richly rewarded them. Mu is there to ensure that Easter cooking will always be a bundle of fun. Happy holidays! And, in anticipation of next year, let’s hop to it!

  • TEAM
  • Creative Director: Miha Bevc
  • Artistic Director: Gregor Čefer
  • Copywriter: Maj Kelenc
  • Assistant Project Manager: Anja Mitrovič
  • Designer: Milko Pečanič
  • Copywriter: Tjaša Podojstršek
  • Digital Strategist: Nina Tanhofer
  • Project Director: Andreja Veršič
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