How to wear a mask and remain genuine?


Being genuine is part of Ljubljanske mlekarne’s MU brand. Therefore, it only makes sense that, during times when wearing masks is mandatory, we ask ourselves how to wear them and remain true to ourselves. The answer is with a mime (short for “pantomime”) which, for our Slovene campaign for MU dairy products, we called “PantoMUma” – a digital campaign, starring a mime, with which we have shown how we can express ourselves even in these uncertain times and with masks on our faces. This is why we created a series of branded protective masks and gave them away to those who performed the pantomime with us.


  • digital advertising

Project description

A mask makes reading facial expressions more challenging. Because of the mask, we do not perceive the vast majority of emotions that the other person expresses. Yes, facial expressions are important. Extremely important. This is why we turned to a mime to stay genuine in these “masked” times. Because you can say anything you want by miming. Without uttering a word. Therefore, we prepared a successful Facebook campaign, with the help of our mime David, star of our PantoMUma pantomime.

Our mime showed one word or a phrase, and we designed a Facebook post around it. Followers guessed in the comments what the word or phrase of the day was (for example, Tour de France, forest fruits, car train, work from home). Among those who posted the correct answer, we drew lucky winners who received a genuine MU mask. And every Saturday, followers competed for the grand prize when mime David mimed a full sentence (for example, he who laughs last laughs longest, there is no use crying over spilt yoghurt). We drew two winners from those who posted the correct answer, and awarded them the Activity board game, which also features miming in the form of charades.

And if someone thinks that a mime can’t express genuine emotions, well, think again.

  • TEAM
  • Creative director: Miha Bevc
  • Art director: Grega Čeferin
  • Copywriter: Maj Kelenc
  • Designer: Iana Kušer
  • Designer: Milko Pečanić
  • Junior project manager: Nina Piskar
  • Copywriter: Tjaša Podojstršek
  • Project director: Andreja Veršič
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Three words: 🐘 🎭 🎺


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