The basis for the MU brand (part of the Ljubljanske Mlekarne or Ljubljana Dairies company) is the authenticity of products made from natural ingredients and Slovenian milk. The focus is the pristine nature of Slovenia and the gifts it offers us all. We can discover it in original works of art. Nature and art both touch our souls if we let them. We want our consumers to feel the art of nature in each sip of MU yogurt. How can we bring this feeling to consumers in an original way?


The Mumetnost project (a play in Slovenian on the brand MU and the word for art, umetnost) illustrates the beauty of freely grazing cattle and the goodness of the milk they produce. So we installed a GPS tracker on the collars of five selected cows from the Na Kalu farm in Idrijska Krnica for one month. Tracing their path, they “drew” a trail on a map. Renowned Slovenian artists then took these outlined paths as a point of departure for their own artistic creations.


  • digital advertising
  • design and implementation of the exhibit.

Project description

The project was created with the aim of highlighting the beauty of free grazing and the goodness of the milk that came from these happy cows. We selected five free-range cows from the Na Kalu farm in Idrijska Krnica, one of the suppliers of fresh milk to Ljubljanske Mlekarne. Each was fitted with a GPS tracking device for one month. They each traced a path that was “drawn” by the GPS.

The satellite data was given to five renowned Slovenian artists who work in a variety of styles: Nenad Cizl, Mitja Ficko, Alja Horvat, Natan Esku and Vida Igličar. Each took the paths of the cows as their inspiration to make their own artwork, which was on display from 8 November to 6 December at the Ex Arte Gallery.

The project was designed in the style of an art exhibition, including both a physical gallery with wall copy alongside the works, QR codes to help guide visitors and presentation videos.

And so “Mumetnost” was born. An art project inspired by freedom.

  • TEAM
  • Creative Director: Miha Bevc
  • Designer: Ewa Bogataj
  • Artistic Director: Grega Čeferin
  • Author: Maj Kelenc
  • Digital Strategist: Mark Mavretič
  • Junior Project Manager: Anja Mitrović
  • Video Producer: Klemen Mramor
  • Author: Tjaša Podojstršek
  • Editor: Urška Vavpetič
  • Project Director: Andreja Veršič

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Mumetnost Galerija 4
Mumetnost Galerija 5
Mumetnost Galerija 6

A pasture for your eyes."


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