How can we emphasise the importance of a proper breakfast to kick off the best possible start to your day? By encouraging you to take a little bit of time and add a dash of imagination.


More imagination. More proper breakfasts.

We pour MU yoghurt into genuine MU mugs and then add chopped fruit, cereal, honey, and a sprinkle of imagination. We developed three illustrated characters, one to inhabit each MU mug. They were drawn by Matej de Cecco but invented by our art director, so we named one after him (we hope Matej didn’t mind). The mugs were made and printed in Slovenia and contain both fun illustrated characters and cute slogans.


  • digital advertising

Communication came to life at points of sale, on TV, on billboards across Slovenia and on social media. But the power of the campaign was in the fact that the communication was brought home by families, with mugs reminding them of MU integrated into their cupboards and displayed on their breakfast tables.

  • TEAM
  • Creative director: Miha Bevc
  • Junior project manager: Anja Čelik
  • Art director: Grega Čeferin
  • Copywriter: Maj Kelenc
  • Designer: Iana Kušer
  • Designer: Milko Pečanić
  • Copywriter: Tjaša Podojstršek
  • Digital strategist: Nina Tanhofer
  • Editor: Urška Vavpetič
  • Project director: Andreja Veršič
  • Illustrator: Matej de Cecco

You MUstn’t be late for proper breakfasts,” says one of our characters, who happens to be a three-headed dragon.˝

says three-headed dragon Ana-Marija-Dare


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