In this campaign, we sought to speak to a young audience who are furnishing their home for the first time. This younger generation likes to eat well, but isn’t necessarily skillful in the kitchen, taking most of their meals out. How could we convince them to throw themselves into cooking when it doesn’t come naturally to them?


Based on our research into the target audience, we opted for the campaign slogan “Cook Like a Rookie, Eat Like a Chef.”

The campaign was designed for several Western European markets: Italy, Germany, France, Spain and the United Kingdom.


  • video
  • editorial plan for communication and content for social networks
  • basic visuals
  • videos for the product
  • visuals for the product
  • newsletters
  • PR messages
  • product photography
  • web images and product banners

Cook Like a Rookie. Eat Like a Chef.

The target market for Hisense ovens are primarily young people who are equipping their kitchen for the first time. This millennial generation offers a special challenge. Why? Because they are foodies who like to share their culinary experiences on social media, but they spend less time in the kitchen than other generations do. There are various reasons: lack of time, a fast-paced life and dining style, the glorification of food in pop culture…

The challenge was to convince these youngsters to overcome their initial inhibition and tackle everyday cooking challenges in a relaxed beginner-friendly manner, with the help of their Hisense oven and its simple, user-friendly interface.

  • TEAM
  • Art Director: Gregor Ahman
  • Creative Director: Miha Bevc
  • Digital Strategy: Dušan Boldin
  • Project Director: Arin Čebokli
  • Strategy: Aida Gadžo
  • Assistant Director: Anja Mitrovič
Hisense Newovens 2021 2586x2000 1
Hisense Newovens 2021 2586x2000 2
Hisense Newovens 2021 2586x2000
Hisense Newovens Rookie 2021 352x662 2 Hisense Newovens Rookie 2021 352x662 1 Hisense Newovens Rookie 2021 352x662 4
Hisense Newovens Rookie 2021 352x662 3 Hisense Newovens Rookie 2021 352x662


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