Elektro Gorenjska’s employees are satisfied. The company wanted to raise collective engagement and attract new employees who would perceive the company as innovative, as a company that transforms the future.

The company faced the challenge of how to position themselves as an employer, how to connect employees and how to further strengthen mutual collaboration. 


The solution to this challenge was to build an employer brand. After performing focus groups and targeted interviews, we identified key insights about the company – how employees perceive Elektro Gorenjska and how the management wishes that the company would be seen. To this end, an employer brand was created with an employer value: connecting to an innovative future.


  • analysis (identification, employer value and guidelines for employer brand strategy)
  • focus groups
  • targeted interviews
  • preparation of comprehensive HR & communication projects for the life of the employer brand

Project description

In the current uncertain times, it is especially important that employers stand by their employees, who face numerous challenges. Every company wants to attract and retain the right employees and shorten the recruitment process. If employees believe in the company’s story and find their purpose in the work they do for the company, their sense of belonging to the company, satisfaction and engagement all increase.

  • TEAM
  • Art director: Radovan Arnold
  • Junior advisor: Tilen Erjavec
  • Account manager: Melita Joželj Nose
  • Designer: Andrej Juvan
  • Creative director: Matej Kodrič

Built employer brand is the glue between current and future employees. An employer brand is even more relevant in the current conditions, as it engages people who are insecure, who are perhaps waiting to again find their purpose. It also gives a promise for the future that the company will continue to develop together with its employees.”

Melita Joželj Nose


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