More than a million tons of plastic are produced around the world each and every day, of which only a scant 13% is recycled. All other plastic waste ends up in our environment eventually, making its way into our watercourses and oceans, where aquatic creatures and birds all too often mistake it for food. Rotary Slovenia has set itself the goal that, within five years, Slovenia will become the first country on earth to rid itself of plastic bottles for water and other beverages.


Herman & Partners helped Rotary Slovenia design and name its movement “Goodbye, plastic, hello, glass” (in Slovenian: “Adijo, plastenka, živo, steklenka”, hence the domain name), which came to life at With this aim, a glass bottle was also created in collaboration with Hrastnik Glass and DS Smith. The bottle is made from premium glass, which can be recycled again and again, and thus does not put any strain on the environment. The movement also has a charitable note, with one euro from each bottle sold allocated to charity projects focusing on protecting human health, protecting the planet, and supporting art and culture.


  • Project concept
  • Movement’s name
  • Project communication support, including:
  • press conference logistics
  • support at the bottle’s unveiling at the Slovenian pavilion at the Dubai Expo
  • event in cooperation with the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Goodbye, Plastic, Hello, Glass 

The “Goodbye, plastic, hello, glass” movement was rebranded as for its presentation at the Slovenian pavilion at the Dubai Expo 2020. The project launch attracted the interest of many journalists and the general public in the Arabic region. The project was also supported by Rotary International.

The movement is supported by the Ministry of the Environment and Spatial Planning of the Republic of Slovenia, several Slovenian companies (Petrol, Hidria, GEN-I), environmental and climate-change experts (Prof. Dr. Lučka Kajfež Bogataj), and top Slovenian athletes (Peter Prevc, Žan Kranjec, Janja Garnbret, Jean Košir).

"In just over six months, we sold more than 12,000 bottles online in Slovenia, which, according to a rough calculation, should equate to 20 million fewer plastic bottles per year in Slovenia – in other words, we reduced the footprint of plastic bottles by as much as 15%," said Janez Podobnik, project manager and head of the WOW Environment committee, a project at Rotary Slovenia.

"The initiative is not only a good thing but an absolutely necessary step toward making life on Earth healthier," said the director of the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Aleš Cantarutti.

"You have inspired us and we thank you for sending the message with this movement that everyone can join you, so that Slovenia and the whole world will be cleaner," said Borut Pahor, now former President of the Republic of Slovenia, at the bottle’s presentation.

  • TEAM
  • Director of the client: Melita Joželj Nose
  • Advisor: Amadeja Kavšek
  • Creative director: Matej Kodrič
  • Junior consultant: Veronika Lavrenčič
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