2020 was a year marked by challenges. It also happened to be the 10th anniversary of Slovenia’s Botrstvo Program, an equivalent of the international Big Brother, Big Sister, in which at risk and underprivileged children are given support by mentors. What is the best way to highlight the enduring legacy of a program so full of meaning and positive stories?


To mark the tenth anniversary, Herman & Partners helped the client design an exhibition entitled “Futures That Would Not Come to Pass.” Housed in the historical atrium of City Hall in Ljubljana, the exhibit told stories of children who have been helped through this wonderful program, thanks to the mentors and donors who supported them. It also pointed out how beneficial this program would be to children who have yet to experience it.


  • Conceptual design of the entire exhibition
  • Creative design of the entire exhibition
  • Design of posters, graphics, invitations and thank-you notes
  • All printed matter
  • Preparation of the content of the exhibition
  • Communication support

Project description

The most beautiful stories are those with happy endings and those that are true, even if the names of those involved are altered. For the 10th year in a row, Botrstvo (the Big Brother, Big Sister program of Slovenia) has brought smiles to young faces. Mentors and donors have enabled a better future for children and adolescents from families in need.

This program was created under the auspices of the Association of the Friends of Youth in Ljubljana (the Moste-Polje section) back in 2010. It is intended to support children and adolescents from families throughout Slovenia who could benefit from additional support to improve their quality of life. The program seeks to reduce the social exclusion of impoverished children, offering them better conditions for healthy, stimulating development, education, discovery and empowerment of their talents.

The exhibition, which we organised in May 2021, was divided into two parts. The first part examined futures that would not have existed without the Botrstvo program. We featured stories of children who, thanks to the help of their mentors, were able to develop their talent, continue their education and become successful in what they love to do. The names of the children were changed, but all the stories presented are real. The exhibit included some personal items lent by the children involved, whose dreams were helped to come true.

One of the stories included was that of a young basketball player—we named him Klemen—who lost his mother while he was still a baby, then lost his father while he was a teenager. In such difficult conditions, he found purpose and comfort in basketball, but his play was a financial burden that he could not maintain. Klemen was chosen as the recipient of funds from a charity auction of Luka Dončič’s basketball shoes. The money raised in the auction allowed him to continue to play basketball and he has shown great promise.

The fact that I received funds from this donation made by one of the best basketball players in the world has great symbolic meaning for me,” Klemen said. “We all know that Luka Dončič is a phenomenon in terms of being so good so young. I think he’s the best.”

The second part of the exhibition looked at futures still to come, featuring children looking for mentors. An array of drawings by children illustrated their dreams for the future: to learn to play the violin, to take singing lessons, to become athletes… These children need mentors, and their happy endings are still in question.

Despite the national restrictions and safety measures, the exhibit in the historical atrium of City Hall in Ljubljan was visited by 400 guests from May 11-27. It was covered by all the national media, including TV Slovenia, POP TV, Delo, Dnevnik and VAL 202, ensuring excellent media coverage.

The success of the exhibition was also in evidence by the fact that it was repeated in another city, Koper, as well.

  • TEAM
  • Client Director: Melita Joželj Nose
  • Project Manager: Amadeja Kavšek
  • Text: Maj Kelenc
  • Project Leader: Glorija Petek
  • Designer: Daša Žerovnik
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Botrstvo 2586x2000 2

Through this exhibition, we sought to show the public the extent of the success stories created by working together. Above all, we wanted to show the real living conditions of some of the youngest members of our society."

Milena Štular, founder of Botrstvo and Chairman of the Supervisory Board


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