The Slovenian Insurance Association faces challenges of insufficient financial literacy of Generation Z, how to bring the insurance industry closer to this demographic and gaining insight into their perception of the insurance industry. Growing up in the internet, smartphones and social media age, Gen Z is characterised by a short attention span and scepticism towards financial institutions. How to communicate with them to be perceived "LIT" (good, intense, fun, or exciting) and not "fake" in front of them? How to educate them and not be perceived as a smartass? How to get their attention and be seen as a credible source of information?


As part of the financial literacy project LIT (Lajf je Igra Tveganja = Life is a Game of Risk), we designed an innovative content strategy for communication on Instagram to educate and activate the target group (Gen Z). On the profile @lajfjeigratveganja, where the content of financial literacy is written for young people, the entire communication is fully adapted to the target group. We use memes. We break down long texts into shorter chunks. We invite partners who are experts in the field of finance and insurance and whom young people trust because they have (professional) authority (e.g. Andrej P. Škraba and Peter Jenko) to provide content.


  • Social media strategy
  • Social media management
  • Content marketing
  • Advertising on social networks
  • Development of graphic identity
  • Collaboration with content creators

How to reach Gen Z?

Financial literacy is key to making sound financial decisions that lead to financial well-being. The 2019 National Financial Literacy Survey showed Generation Z is Slovenia's second worst financially literate generation. This is a major challenge, as this is a generation that is entering the labour market and making the first major financial decisions (taking credit loans, opening savings accounts, starting their investment journey). The challenge is clear. Slovenian youth need financial education for their own long-term well-being and the future of Slovenian society. And that's where LIT comes in.

Our communication strategy focused on driving views and responses to Instagram posts through saving and sharing (financial) content. We worked with strategic partners and content creators who helped prepare and distribute educational and entertainment content. We reached the target group, Generation Z, with customized messages and content, which were then shared on profiles also by other project stakeholders (insurance companies, educational institutions, content creators ...).

We built a project that Generation Z creates for Generation Z. The project actively involves representatives of the target group who make sure that the content is prepared in a way that resonates with their peers.

  • TEAM
  • Junior content creator: Mitja Bergoč
  • Assistant: Polona Čebular
  • Assistant: Uršula Jušič
  • Junior creative: Matic Kosem
  • Consultant and project manager: Tamara Pevec Barborič
  • Digital strategist and project manager: Sara Ravšelj
  • Digital designer: Urban Selič
  • Client director and partner: dr. Dejan Verčič
  • Social media manager: Gaja Gregorc
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