Biogen, a pharmaceutical company and pioneer in the field of neuroscience, develops and produces drugs that help with a variety of neurological diseases, including spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) and multiple sclerosis (MS). As our long-term partner, we help Biogen primarily in promoting awareness of MS and SMA. We offered media support for the last two campaigns, in the winter of 2022, to inform the general public about MS and SMA.


Herman & Partners designed and implemented awareness campaigns for MS and SMA on behalf of Biogen. For SMA, we used the personal stories of patients, their parents and experts in the field to highlight how the treatment of SMA has changed thanks to advances in drugs and the importance of multidisciplinary treatment. For MS, we focused on the personal stories of two patients in each of whom the disease manifested itself in different ways. We also highlighted the importance of multidisciplinary treatment and the urgency to begin treatment as quickly as possible, post-diagnosis.


  • Conceptual content design of the campaign
  • Preparation of the key messages and press releases
  • Stakeholder management
  • Media relations and visibility
  • TEAM
  • Junior Consultant: Veronika Jereb
  • Client Director: Melita Joželj Nose
  • Consultant: Tamara Pevec Barborič


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