The Triglav Group is announcing a competition for its revamped Triglav Komplet loyalty program. Triglav Komplet gives customers the option of assembling brand-new packages of insurance policies simply by merging their own chosen services with those of family members living at the same address.


An extensive marketing campaign inspired by Wes Anderson movies, which stresses product transparency at all moments and employs a convincing undertone to communicate to viewers that the Triglav Group and Triglav Komplet take care of their every need. Above all, it symbolically demonstrates that, when order reigns and all is in its right place, then all is alright!


  • Several TV commercials
  • Radio ads
  • Print ads
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Online advertising
  • Social networks
  • Events
  • Internal channels at Zavarovalnica Triglav

Anderson Climbs Triglav

The inspiration for the world that Wes Anderson creates in his movies was no matter of coincidence, but was rather born out of the desire to achieve ultimate product arrangement along with a vivid and vibrant narrative.

So for Triglav Komplet, we created a multifaceted parallel world where we meet the protagonists in their "rooms", which are symbolically connected to the various insurance services within the package and which combine to form a larger story.

It was precisely the cross-section of the rooms and the seamless transition between them, both characteristic of Anderson’s filmmaking, that aided us in producing a clear narrative and transparent metaphor for Triglav Komplet’s flexibility and modularity.

It strengthens the viewer's impression that these pieces are part of a larger mosaic – or package. 

Flirting with the cinematic world helped us build a light, playful, and stylistically compelling campaign, which brought a fresh and distinctive communication tone of communication to Slovenian advertising.

Bold campaigns like this help lend exposure and visibility to the media market – especially for insurance houses.

  • TEAM
  • Digital strategist: Dušan Boldin
  • Digital designer: Mark Caserman
  • Art director: David Fartek
  • Creative strategist: Aida Gadžo
  • Art director and design: Matt Penko
  • Director and project manager: Gloria Petek
  • Creative director and copywriter: Katja Petrin Dornik
  • Copywriter: Eva Stopar
  • Digital strategist: Nina Tanhofer
  • Production: Kinomotel
  • Photographer: Peter Giodani
  • Director of photography: Damjan Radovanovič
  • Copywriter: Žan Rus Fink
  • Director: Gregor Vesel
Bb Triglav Komplet 1920x1430


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