Dravske elektrarne Maribor is the largest producer of electricity from renewable sources in Slovenia. They wish to further strengthen their position by expanding their portfolio to other fields of renewable energy, including three wind farm construction projects (the first of their kind in the country) in north-eastern Slovenia (Ojstrica, Rogatec and Paški Kozjak) and presenting these projects to the public.  


With the goal of introducing these projects and dispelling myths about wind energy, we designed a new website, intended to explain wind energy and its significance, with a special focus on the three potential wind energy projects in north-eastern Slovenia. To help users envisage future wind farms or wind energy turbines, we drew them with the help of a virtual 3D view in the 3F environment and displayed them on the website. 


  • geolocation study
  • realistic video simulation
  • realistic photo simulation
  • website development

Project description

The realistic video animation of the 3D wind farm is realistically placed in the space, based on corresponding GPS coordinates of the viewing point, taking into account topographical features, real heights and dimensions of individual wind turbines at the real GPS position.

The website was developed using an open-source CMS platform, matching the visual identity of Dravske elektrarne Maribor, and it provides all information on the wind farms and their development. It also includes realistic video animation and real simulations of the wind farms. The website also introduces the concept of wind energy and its importance in increasing energy generation from renewable sources. 

  • TEAM
  • Strategist and digital project manager: Dušan Boldin
  • Project director: dr. Denis Mancevič
  • Executive production director: Tomi Matić
  • Designer: Blaž Pintar
Dem Hermanpartnerji 1920x1430
Dem Hermanpartnerji 1160x600 2 Dem Hermanpartnerji 1160x600 1 Dem Hermanpartnerji 1160x600 3


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