All athletes dream of competing at the Olympic Games. It is the pinnacle of one’s career and the maximum prestige one can garner. Winners are recorded forever in the history books. They become legends. Herman was given the opportunity to create a campaign for our Olympians at the Tokyo Games where once, many years ago, we celebrated Olympic gold.


We’ve already conquered Tokyo once and now we’re back for more! “We’ve got this covered,” as we might put it in the slang of today’s youth. Our past winners have passed their knowledge and mindset to the new generation that is now on the hunt for Olympic success. We have a winning tradition. We have pride. We have high expectations. We’ve got this! We’ve got Tokyo!


  • creative design
  • copywriting
  • design

Project description

These Olympics are special. Tokyo is where Slovenia has already won a gold, so we have the advantage of “home” ground. We considered this advantage in our campaign, addressing the winning tradition with a simple message that would encourage fresh victories.

We first developed an idea for a TV ad. In it, our Olympians at the legendary Tabor gymnasium flex their muscles, sweat rolling off their bodies, illuminated by a single spotlight. Olympic legend Miro Cesar then emerges from the shadows while, projected onto the wall behind him, is footage of his gold medal performance in a past Tokyo Olympic Games. He hands over the baton of pride, triumph and hope to our Olympians. In what form? With a ball. Hand to hand. This action is augmented with original music created just for this ad by computer Peter Penko.

We also captured this moment of grandeur in the print media where Olympians, old and new, proudly stare out at us from billboards. It all comes together with the simple message: “We’ve got this. We’ve got Tokyo!” with text written in the Japanese manga style.

We also launched a campaign on digital channels, with various posts on social networks spreading the message throughout Slovenia.

  • Team
  • Copywriter: Rok Artiček
  • Artistic Director: David Fartek
  • Creative Director: Uroš Goričan
  • Creative Director: Matej Kodrič
  • Project Director: Glorija Petek

Oks Group Doncic Cerar 1920x1080 2
Oks Tokio Metrolight Dolgi Most 1920x1430

We’ve got this! We’ve got Tokyo!


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